Dental Services
Dental Services

(510) 548-2745

The dental section of the BFC is the only free dental clinic in Northern California providing free simple extractions, fillings and cleanings. This service takes new patients on a drop-in lottery basis only, working currently 4 afternoons per week as of July 2000. For new patients, the procedure is to arrive 30 minutes prior to the opening time and to fill out a form for placement into the lottery. (Placement into the lottery is not a guarantee that you will be seen by a dentist-- available time and current schedule will dictate the number of lottery patients we will take during open hours). Please call (510) 548-2745 for more information and the current dental section schedule.

NOTE: New patients will first be given an exam and can then schedule an appointment for a procedure. Complicated diagnoses will be referred out.

For the most current dental schedule, please visit

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